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( Dollars from quarters )

Bulk vending can be a terrific business. The people trying to sell newcomers bulk vending packages will tell you how this business will almost run itself. Wrong, like anything it takes time and dedication to build a successful business (Hope that doesn't come as a shock). That being said, there are a lot of advantages to starting a bulk vending business. We found it easier to place small bulk vendors than to secure locations for larger machines. Most locations did not require a lot of maintenance so our route schedule was fairly flexible. We noticed that sales were always a little less than we predicted and it takes MANY machines to be truly profitable. Keeping the machines out of the sunlight also saved us some maintenance headaches. Yes, there will be vandalism and damage, and yes there are locations that do $0 in sales.

All in all, if you start out right and don't overpay for machines bulk vending is a good way to build a profitable vending business. The price you pay for each machine will determine your long term profitability. For this reason I would suggest you stay away from the brand new "package" deals.

Bulk Vending

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