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Topic: Buy Used Vending Machine

( Sometimes new isn't always best )

"Buy Used Vending Machines". I see these ads in the paper and in grocery store bulletin corkboards. Unfortunately, I have found that usually these people have overpaid for vending machines bought from a slick "vending business opportunity" presentation and are trying to unload a broken dream. It's sad that people will overpay thousands of dollars for machines without getting the facts about the business.

Can you make money in vending? Yes, you really can. My wife and I started out the wrong way but after some effort and learning we built a large successful vending business. Again, it's a shame that most people have no idea what to do with the bank loan they've incurred and the vending machines sitting in their garage. "Buy Used Vending Machine" ads are everywhere and can be an opportunity for a person who understands the business. Just make sure you have the knowledge and skills sets need to succeed in vending before you go out and buy used vending machines.

Buy Used Vending Machine

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