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( Two sugar, one cream )

We started out with soda/pop machines and then added snack machines and then expanded into coffee vending.

The profits on coffee vending are GREAT!! However, this area of vending required the most attention. Your customers have very strong opinions when it comes to coffee vending.

We have full sized coffee vending machines that dispensed a cup, small single cup machines where the customer used their own cup, and office coffee service where we delivered the supplies to our locations and they made their own.

Office coffee service was a little different since we actually had accounts receivable, but the profit for just delivering boxes of coffee, whitener, filters etc., was great. We had one account where we delivered their order once a month. Their bill was approximately $700.00 per trip. We profited $400 per order for about 25 minutes work.

Is coffee vending profitable, YES! But it does require a fair amount of babysitting.

Coffee Vending

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