how to start in the vending business

Topic: How To Start In The Vending Business

( Do your homework before you open your wallet )

How to start in the vending business?

Unfortunately, here is how MOST people start in the vending business.
Answer a newspaper ad or magazine ad; watch a dreamy videotape of attend a vending business opportunity seminar. Listen as the salesperson gets you dreaming of dollars dancing into your bank account as your sleeping or playing golf. Gladly pay way too much money for a few machines without doing any comparison shopping. Go into debt before learning anything about actually operating a vending machine business. Take every word the vending business opportunity salesperson says as the whole truth. Get disappointed in a month or two and sell your machines for pennies on the dollar. OR, do the research; find out what the bizop salespeople aren't telling you. Buy machines for very little money and slowly build your business.

We started the wrong way. If we only knew then what we have learned since we would have made more money sooner. How to start in the vending business? Learn the business before you buy machines!

How To Start In The Vending Business

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