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We operated a large vending route that include soda/coffee/food/gumball and snack machines.

Building a vending route is a fairly simple business but it does require the same skill sets as any other business. If you've talked to a "bizop salesman" you've probably heard the "make money while you sleep" and "employees who never ask for a raise", or "just restock your machines, no selling required." If building a snack machine vending route was so simple, why is the snack machine salesman selling machines instead of building profitable routes?

It seems that the bizop guys are currently trying to sell unsuspecting new vendors "packages" that usually include cheap mechanical snack machines. When I say cheap I don't mean the price. I have heard of people paying over $18K for 5 mechanical snack machines after attending a slick presentation. Before you buy machines and try to establish a vending route, learn as much about the business as possible. That way you won't be shocked to find out that it does require some work, effort and knowledge.

Don't overpay by purchasing your snack machines from a business opportunity presentation.

Snack Machine

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