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Topic: starting a vending machine company

( Plan your work, work your plan )

Starting a vending machine company? Well, it's not all that hard.

There are terrific advantages invoved with vending, like no accounts receivables and no employees or large overhead to start. However, the number one mistake new vendors make is focusing on the details of a specific machine of "vending package". What usually sorts the successful from unsuccessful vendors when it comes to starting a vending machine business is the amount of debt they take on. Don't fall for a slick business opportunity seminar, or magazine ad that promises the sky.

Vending is a business, and like any business it requires carefully planning and work. IF you start out right you can be very profitable. IF you buy into an overpriced "vending package" you will be starting out behind the eight ball! If you are thinking of starting a vending machine company make sure you don't take what the equipment salespeople tell you for fact!

We started wrong, started over and built a large profitable vending machine company.

Starting A Vending Machine Company

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