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( Listen up grasshopper )

Vending knowledge is usually expensive.

Most successful vendors I know have made thousands of dollars of costly mistakes. Oh, if we only knew when we started what we know now. Please make sure that your first decision in the vending business is not a fatal one. Don't overpay for a slick vending package and end up with a large bank loan and little income. My inbox is full of emails from people who did that.

We started out that way, buying 5 cold drink machines for MUCH too much money. We eventually recovered and built a large, profitable vending company, but that first misstep did cause great distress and anxiety in our household. We had to decide whether to cut our losses and quit, or get to work. We worked through it and succeeded.

It is evident by the emails I receive that most people starting out the wrong way simply throw up their hands, cut their losses, and turn the page.

Vending Knowledge

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