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( Is everybody seated? Okay, let the fleecing begin )

Have you been to a vending seminar? If so you are probably pretty enthusiastic about starting your new vending business.

Please realize that the people at the seminar are selling "potential profit" and vending machines. Most of them have never filled a machine or secured a location. Please take the time to do some due diligence and learn about the day to day operation of your business. Machines are important, but vending businesses fail or succeed because of the skills sets, knowledge and determination of their owners, not the machines. Make sure you cool down from the euphoria of the seminar before you go deeply into debt buying machines.

There are ways to get the same machines for mere pennies on the dollar, or FREE. The over inflated prices are for "support" and "guidance" and sometimes "warrantees". Don't get put behind the eight ball financially before you stick your toe in the water. Learn what they DON'T tell you at a vending seminar!

Vending Seminar

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