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Can You Really Make Money
in the Vending Business?

If you are thinking about buying vending machines,
or starting a vending business,
PLEASE read this first!

  • Have you wondered why it is so hard to find legitimate information about the vending industry?
  • How can people actually lose money in the vending business?
  • Do you know the 3 Questions to ask a opportunity salesman to find out whether he's a scam artist or not?
  • Would you like to know a simple way to start a vending business with very little or no money (FREE machines)?
  • The Truth About The Vending Business

    Rob Farnham

    Vendings Dirty Little Secret

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    My name is Robert Farnham.
    15 years ago, my wife Patti and I found ourselves with a $15,000.00 bank loan and 5 machines that brought in a total of $43 gross income the first week.
    We felt ripped off and angry, but we didn't quit.

    Over the next few years we built our vending company to almost a million dollars. We learned by making a lot of mistakes. Trial and error. Those early mistakes and our lack of knowledge almost wiped us out a couple of times. We survived, learned and we thrived. We became successful. A few years ago we began selling off our business and enjoying the rewards of our efforts.

    Last year my nephew asked if he could interview me for a high school project on entrepreneurship. Because of our geographical separation, I responded to his questions via email. As I look at my finished responses, I realized I had compiled the information that we couldn't find when we started. That information would have saved us TONS of time and money.

    I decided to expand that document and publish it on the internet. That's why this site is called "My Vending Uncle"

    Readers Comments

    Dear Rob .... my new favourite adopted uncle
    ..had the bank financing arranged and everything. That night I found your site and purchased your materials. Thank you, thank you, thank you... In less than 3 months I got a very part time business that does a net profit of $100 a week.... takes about 3 hours a week ... ...and thanks to your book, I don't have a bank loan to pay off.

    L. Szilagyi
    Hamilton, Canada ..(letter on file)

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    Can You Make Money in the Vending Business?


    Unfortunately, most people don't!

    Why do the majority of new operators lose money?

    In most cases, it's simply lack of KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS.

    In the majority of cases, people get started in the vending business by purchasing a "business opportunity". Unfortunately, that's what we did! It's the KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS that people apply to their business that make it succeed or fail. Most "business opportunity" sellers don't worry about educating or expanding your knowledge and business skills.

    They are trying to sell you vending machines!

    I believe that your choice of machines is the LEAST important part of running a vending business. Your knowledge and skills are what will make you thrive.

    If you've discovered the vending business by attending a business opportunity show, you need more knowledge.

    If you're thinking about buying some vending machines after answering an ad with a 1-800 or 1-888 phone number, you need more knowledge.

    If you're thinking about buying some machines from an internet site that says something about 100% financing, you need some more knowledge.

    Why isn't this information easier to find?

    Unfortunately, the people who are selling "business opportunities" make a lot more money selling "get rich schemes" then they do showing a balanced business plan on the vending industry.

    Vending is not a "get rich quick" business.

    It's a real business, just like any real business,
    it takes some time and some work to get rewards.

    When we were involved daily in the vending industry, people would approach me, as I restocked machines, and ask me if the vending machine business was a good business. They usually had a cousin, friend or neighbor that was thinking of getting into the business part-time. I never had an hour or 2 to sit down and tell them all the details. I also didn't want them becoming my competition.

    Now that I'm basically out of the business, I can write down all the insider information someone should know before they make a business decision. (Thanks to my nephew, it was half done!)

    I did some internet surfing to find out what other info was out there. There are very few really good sites on vending. Most of them seemed to be of the "Vend your way to millions" variety, or sites that sell new and used machines.

    I did find a couple of sites that sold "Vending Start-up" packages or books.

    Here's what I found:

    The first one was written and published by a machine distributor

    Question: If you got a manual from "Hoover Vacuum Cleaners" about keeping your house clean, what do you think THEY would recommend?

    The second one was written by a lady who actually operated a route!

    Question: Why did she leave the info about "being a childrens amusement route operator" to the fine print at the bottom of the last page?

    The third one was a fluff filled photocopied report and audio cd's, sent through the mail, on the basics of how to locate vending machines!

    It was written by a husband and wife team that owned a handful of Hot Nut Machines in a couple of local bars.

    The fourth one was Slick Complete Vending Business Package that seemed to have a lot of information.

    After a little research I found this gentleman publishs 100+ "how to books". Start a Lawn Maintenance Biz, Property management biz, Screen printer, Catering company, Local Email service, Pet sitting, etc., etc., etc.,

    read some "Small Change" customer comments (click here)

    This lack of truthful vending information causes some people real pain. It is little wonder that we used to get 1 or 2 calls a month from people wanting to sell their vending businesses at a loss, just to stop the bleeding. If people had better access to deeper information, there would be a lot less new vending busines operators losing their money, and their dreams.

    "Due diligence" is the name for checking out all aspects of a business before you buy into it. Large corporations will spend millions and months on due diligence, before they acquire or expand into a new territory. You need to do the same thing. It is really hard to do proper due diligence, on the vending industry, in your local area.


    The vending business is VERY competitive. Your accounts are your bread and butter. If you try and gain some wisdom from a local successful vending operator you will be stonewalled. He doesn't want to help you become his competition. Your best bet would be to drive a couple hundred miles and set up a lunch with a successful vendor in another state. You might be disappointed though. The nature of the business makes most vending machine operators play their cards close to their chest.

    In case you are getting the wrong idea, I really enjoyed the vending business. It allowed Patti and I the chance to build our own business, make as much money as we wanted, without asking for a raise. Take time off to go on field trips or outings with our daughter without asking the boss for permission. There is a great sense of security in knowing someone is purchasing a soda, and you are making a profit while you're sleeping. Vending can be a very profitable business. I just wish I'd known then, what I know now. And fortunately for you, You Now Have That Option!

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    They say that with knowledge comes power.

    With the knowledge you could gain from this information, you can start a Profitable and Expandable vending business with Little or No Money!

    If I had a friend wanting to get into vending, I would suggest they start with little or no money, see if they enjoy the business, and then build it as big as they desire.

    Keep Most Of Your Hard Earned Money In Your Pocket Until You Know Vending Is Right For You!

    You could start very, very part-time, and find out whether vending is for you, without mortgaging your house (Don't Laugh! we met a couple that did just that!) I will also explain the quick way to go full-time, big-time if that's what you decide to do.

    So What Am I Offering You?

    Here's the deal.
    You will receive my personal opinion on the inside knowledge of building a successful vending operation. I will detail my business strategy as if I were starting over today.

    Here's what you'll get
    A detailed description of our personal vending adventure
    What you should NOT do list of vending articles
    My opinions on the most common vending sales pitches you'll encounter
    How to get high quality FREE machines (and the possible downside)
    The 3 Questions to ask a salesman to determine whether he knows what he's talking about, or just trying to seperate you from your money.
    Where vending will go in the future
    How to start vending with very little or no money and be profitable quickly
    If I were starting over today, what I would do FIRST
    How to find profitable opportunities easily
    Why the majority of people lose money
    Other little known resources of meaningful and helpful information
    Other major considerations you probably haven't thought of yet
    Other Benefits (you probably haven't considered!)

    This information will be delivered to you IMMEDIATELY. There will be no waiting for UPS or the post office. It will be delivered to you electronically.

    Here's what you WON'T get

    - a motivational rah-rah, pump you up sermon
    - a watered-down triple spaced document to impress you with it's size
    - a sales pitch for ANY other product!
    - basic information that is added only to stuff the document
    (eg. How to put the key in the lock, how to clean the glass on the front of a machine!)

    As soon as you finish downloading your information, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and sit back and read this ebook.

    This information is a collection of my personal opinions from years of actually running a vending operation. I won't make any guarantees that you'll make a million dollars after you read it. I won't try to talk you into the vending machine business, and I won't try to talk you out of it. I will simply give you a broader knowledge base than 99% of the people looking into a vending opportunities. If you decide to pursue vending, you will be MILES ahead of the pack.

    I have decided to charge $20 for this document, (I hate 19.99). When you purchase this document, you can have access to the download in seconds. In a few hours you will have obtained more inside knowledge of the vending business, and the opportunities available, than most of people who are currently out filling machines. Most of them are just trying to keep their head above water.

    Vending Business Information

    Why are you charging me $20?

    My first rule of business. It has to make money. Believe me, this is a rule you need to adopt!
    Don't do anything that isn't profitable. Period.

    The whole revolution ignored this simple principal. They lost billions. If something is "too good to be true", it's usually NOT! most likely there's a hidden agenda.

    I would have paid a lot more for this information when I started. $20 seems fair. If your uncle ran a vending business, and you took him out for lunch to get his inside perspective, what would that lunch cost you? This is exactly the information I gave my nephew. I have expanded it so that he could have a business model, or blueprint to follow if he ever decides to go into the vending industry. I wouldn't let a friend, or relative start a vending operation without this knowledge. At one point we had over $80,000 worth of equipment on our locations, making us money, that we didn't pay a dime for! What's that information worth?

    What's my agenda?

    Whether you decide to pursue a vending business or not, I hope that this document stops the endless parade of people who are losing thousands of dollars to a few unethical sharks. Vending is a GREAT business. It has been good to us. I would like everybody to have an equal shot at success. You deserve a fair start. It's simply a matter of getting more knowledge. The sharks give the rest of the business a bad name. Hopefully, this information can do a small part in correcting that perception.

    You can have this information in your hands in seconds.

    To receive your copy of: Vending Machine Business Tips and Information

    Small Change,
    "Insider Vending Secrets Exposed"

    "My Vending Uncle"

    Order Small Change

    100% money back guarantee
    Okay, what about a guarantee?

    I have really struggled with this. If you took your uncle out for dinner to get his opinion and knowledge, and you didn't get the answers you we're hoping for, would you ask the restaurant for your money back? No! Okay, that being said, I understand that you don't know me. So here's the deal. If you can honestly say that you knew everything in this document and you gained no further insight or knowledge, I will give you a 100% refund.
    One more thing,
    Lately, on the internet, there have been some unethical individuals who buy ebooks, copy them, get a refund, and then sell them as their own on other sites. If this happens to me, I will find you, sue you and then sic my dog on you. (Now doesn't that sound like YOUR UNCLE!). This is my proprietary information. It is not for resale, or distribution by anyone but me. I am not granting you "resell" rights or any of that junk!

    If you ask for your money back, I will refund it. Only you know if you're being ethical or not.


    The price of this product will be going up very shortly. With pay per click services, paid search engines and web hosting companies constantly raising prices and adding new fees, I will keep this site profitable, (remember my first rule). Therefore, I will be raising the prices shortly. "Buy Now" and beat the price increase!

    With the knowledge contained in this document you could start a profitable vending operation with a lot less money than you ever imagined. The decision is now yours. Please make an informed one. Good Fortune!

    Yours truly,

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    "Your Vending Uncle"

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    Readers Comments

    My Vending Uncle (and Aunt Patti) our local business franchise show. I was thinking of buying into vending and my neighbor was thinking of purchasing a home gift basket franchise. My husband bought your info product. ...Debbie and I agreed it made more sense than anything else we'd found. ......and it's going GREAT. Thanks, I've got my own business, a great partner, my own schedule and profit, not debt. Snacks on me! Thanks ever so much!

    B. Kraft
    Clearwater, Fl ..(letter on file)

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