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( All that glitters .... )

Antares is a machine manufacturer that sells packages and products through business seminars and magazine ads. I get an awful lot of email from prospective vending business owners asking about this company.

First, let me say that we bought used Antares machines and they seemed as reliable as most other manufacturers. Just like a car you can get the occasional lemon even with an expensive machine, but we had no problems. However, I do get many emails from people who feel they greatly overpaid for their machines. Whether this is due to the Antares vending sales pitches, or the unrealistic expectations of the prospective new vending owner I can't say.

I would suggest you research all the information available on vending before you buy a "package" deal. I'm sure there are many people who succeeded starting out with an Antares vending machine package; however, the emails I receive are from the disappointed.

Antares Vending

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