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"A collection of a veteran vending operators rantings"

Today's Vending Business Tip

Can you handle the truth?
Excuse me sir, have you seen my ...
Which way do I go?
Hey pal, you gotta trust me
Is everybody seated? Okay, let the ...
Don't eat ALL your profits
Driven to drink
All that glitters ....
Oh no, they're everywhere!
There's bad service and no service, your choice?
You want how much for that machine?
Find an old lamp and rub it?
Most people get this wrong
Do your homework before you open your wallet
Ouch, ouch, ouch, that's hot
Just a little window dressing
Mr. Gates! here's your vending machine
The checks in the mail
Nothing up my sleeve....
They're just machines
How much time do you have?
Fool me once......
Pssst, the deal of a lifetime...
Over packaged and overpriced
Watch your first step, it's a long way down
Do you have a good lawyer?
Smart, profitable and fizzy
No problems, only complaints ....
You paid how much???
A cool refreshing beverage anyone?
Good old Adam's ale
Who would have believed it 50 years ago?
Do you remember being a kid?
Bulk up your bank account
Dollars from quarters
Turning small change into dollars
Ride the carousel
Wanna buy a watch?
"I've got some land in Florida for sale"
Sometimes new isn't always best
That's step 3 or 4
Some people are smarter than others
Why build it if you can buy it?
I'd like to teach the world to sing...
It's cold and profitable up here, eh!
Sometimes small IS better!
Candy can be GOOD for you!
The neighborhood kids...
How sweet it is!
Bigger isn't always better
Spreading sweet joy throughout ...
Sometimes more expensive isn't better
It's the real thing
Keep your eyes wide open!
The best part of waking up.....
You scream, I scream, we all ...
Two sugar, one cream
Keep looking over your shoulder
Let's have a cool one
Cold cash!
Old reliable
Small but mighty
What big teeth you have granny....
a ct48 now holds 39 cans?
Double your pleasure, double your profit
Bird on a wire (wired)
And today's special will be.....
Yep, but there's ALWAYS a catch...
What's cooking over there?
Would you like fries with your stress?
Round and round and round we go
Don't let their size fool you
Do you like counting lots of change?
The world goes round and round
The good, the bad and the profitable
Simple, smart, small and mighty
Hey mister, want to buy .....
Do you offer any healthy snacks?
I solemnly swear to do my best.....
How much do you trust people?
Coffee, tea or french vanilla?

What a question!
When you're number 2 you try harder?
just a little sprucing up ...
I feel as good as new!
Driving around bringing joy and ...
What do you mean I didn't ...
Hold the mayo
Spring clearance sale
Beam me up Spock!
Treat yourself to a nice profit
Great workers for your business
Chocolate and potato profits
What matters is on the inside
Simple and easy profits
Chill out my friend
I'll have the combo platter
Smart little business
Look Ma, no legs
We like to called them "experienced"...
If it's still cold.....
The smart choice
A step ahead of most new operators
Make it easier to sell
Turn change into sustainable profits
Beware of the sharks, they are good
Learn everything you can before ...
Not rocket science, but it is work
I remember the time....
Losing money, tired, or retiring?
If YOU don't learn from our mistakes...
The word "opportunity" scares me!
Take a seat, get relaxed, please ...
If it sounds too good to be true......
There's one born every minute...
Once upon a time......
Many shapes, sizes, colors and prices
Always a treat to meet you
Black liquid gold
It's the 3rd thing you need
Sign on the line.........
Good biz for some, not for others.....
Listen up grasshopper
Trust me!
Up, down, right, left, big ...
Don't call me, I'll call you
Calling them a service is an ...
Now you see them, now you don't
Location, location, location
Gaze into my crystal ball
Yep, it's a business
We laughed, we cried ...
Ignore the man behind the curtain
How old is your first born?
This isn't brain surgery
Look, there goes one now!
Can you pick them out of a lineup?
Get their license number
It's just math
I'll trade you a washer for ...
Got to keep on moooooing
Money, and it's good for you too!
Grab a parachute
Gentleman (or ladies), start your ...
Cool, clear, clean, natural profits
If it looks like a duck, walks....
What's the REAL retail price...
12 ounce profits
A thirst for profit
Find them a good home
Soft drinks into hard cash
Triple latte half decaf .....
Don't miss the most important step
See the forest, not just the trees
What NOT to do
On your mark, get set, learn/research
Plan your work, work your plan
Canadians say pop, Americans ...
The inside scoop
or if you are in the US ......
Hey buddy, have I got a deal for you!
a definite oxymoron!
Wrapped up in a shiny blue ribbon
Point "A" to point "Z" the fast way
My vending uncle

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