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When we first expanded into the coffee vending machine business we had an already established route of snack and soda/beverage machines. It only made sense to add coffee to some of our locations.

The best part of the coffee vending machine business is the markup on the product. We made the most profit on coffee over all the various types of vending we did. The downside of the coffee vending machine business is that these automated machines require constant, detailed maintenance and cleaning. We owned many brands of machines and they all worked well if meticulously maintained. But, if we slacked on the cleaning or upkeep we had nothing but problems. One more reality of the coffee vending machine business: "No two customers will ever agree on the strength, type, temperature of the coffee". Make sure you offer the widest selection of cup sizes and choices in a reliable machine.

Although the best new coffee vending machines are VERY expensive, a great location and a high profit margin can make for a terrific addition to any vending business.

Coffee Vending Machine Business

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