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Like a lot of things, it seems we got into the gumball business backwards. We started with larger snack/pop/coffee machines and then expanded into gumball and bulk vending.

The great part about gumball vending is that whenever you can buy something for 3 cents and sell it for 25, that's a good thing. We also found it easier to locate these small machines. We did have to pay fairly high commissions but we chose to go that route instead of using the charity idea. Both seem to work in the gumball business. If you can get machines cheaply you will be profitable. If you pay too much for your machines (buying a slick "vending package") you will probably never make real money.

You need a ton of gumball machines to be really successful, but if you get them cheap enough there is real money in the gumball business.

Gumball Business

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