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( How much do you trust people? )

We literally fell into honor box vending.

We had established our vending route with snack/soda/coffee machines. Some of our snack machines were the small countertop mechanical type placed in small offices. Some of these locations wanted a wider variety of treats. That was our problem. The location was too small to handle a full size snack machine (and cost prohibitive), but the small countertop snack machines weren't serving our customers current needs. We figured out how to make our own honor box and place it on top of the current snack machines. We filled our honor boxes with different snacks. In our best locations the volume soared. Unfortunately, in a few locations the theft was so high that we were forced to remove the machines. The cost of our honor boxes pennies. From then on we'd put one, two or three of our home made honor boxes into new smaller locations. Some turned out to be very profitable. We'd calculate some "shrinkage" and pick snacks accordingly.

With no initial equipment cost, and honest locations, you can't help but make money with honor box vending.

Honor Box Vending

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