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( Fool me once...... )

There is the actual vending business, and then there are "vending opportunities".

We got started in the vending business after attending a business opportunity showcase. It took us some disappointment and mistakes to realize that there was a lot of information missing from the vending opportunities presentation.

Vending is packaged by the bizop guys and usually presented in a seminar, slick magazine ad or internet website. They get you counting your change and dreaming of all that cash instead of focusing on the basics of running a vending business. Why? Running a vending business isn't glamorous, its work, and itís a REAL business. But selling the idea of sleeping in while you are making hundreds and hundreds of dollars per hour is emotional. The emotional pitch is what is sold when pitching vending opportunities.

Please, if you have been to a seminar, or answered a magazine or newspaper ad, do some research on the actual business. Find out about the vending business and don't solely rely on the information from the vending opportunities.

Vending Opportunities

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