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( A cool refreshing beverage anyone? )

We started our vending business with 5 small beverage vending machines. Starting up your vending biz with sodas, water or juices makes a lot of sense.

Unlike other products, beverages don't go stale or expire quickly. This gives you the ability to stock your beverage vending machines with different products and buy in larger quantities than if you started with a snack machine business. The biggest disadvantage to starting your business with beverage vending machines is that you are actually competing with Pepsi and Coke. They are also trying to place their machines and can offer terrific incentives to locations. You will have the ability to do one thing that neither Coke nor Pepsi can offer a location. You can stock both of their products in your machines! This is a huge advantage.

There is also a terrific, little known way to get Coke and Pepsi to subsidize your business. It took us years to figure this out, but when we did, we saved tens of thousands of dollars.

Beverage Vending Machines

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