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Many new vendors are looking for a magic bullet when it comes to finding vending locations. "What's the trick to getting good locations?"

Most don't like my answer.

My wife and I started our business the wrong way. We concentrated on the machines not the business or the knowledge we might need. We overpaid for the machines and contracted to get some locations. When the "contracted" locations turned out to be duds we had to learn to locate, or hire a locating company. We asked around to find a good locating service. We couldn't find ANY established vending operator who would recommend a locator. This was our clue.

We wouldn't operate a restaurant without learning to cook. So we decided to learn how to locate. We started prejudging locations. That looks like a good one (turn out to be a dud). That place won't do much (turned out to be one of our competitorís top locations when they expanded).

Here's the secret. Go out and talk to people. Don't judge a location until after you put your equipment in. And keep looking for locations all the time. It got easier and easier. It wasn't really all that tough, you just talk to people. You do get better at it over time.

The hardest part is just deciding to do it. Some days are great, some days you get a lot of no's. But, if you want to become a successful vending operator I would suggest you decide to learn the art of finding your own vending locations.

Vending Locations

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