buying used vending machines

Topic: Buying Used Vending Machines

( Some people are smarter than others )

Buying used vending machines is one of the best ways to start a vending business. Most people buy "vending packages" and overpay. Then they get disillusioned with the business and try to sell their machines.

Beware when buying used vending machines; don't buy someone else's headache. I see ads everyday for machines were people overpaid and want the new buyer to bail them out. I believe that the location is your profit center; the machine is just a cost of doing business. A machine in your garage is worth ZERO!!

People who overpay for used vending machines have very little chance of becoming profitable quickly. Buying used vending machines for pennies on the dollar and then having the knowledge to turn them into profit centers is the best way to become successful in the vending industry.

Buying Used Vending Machines

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