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Thinking of buying a 'vending package' to get you started in your new route vending business?

That's exactly what we did many years ago. We went to a business opportunity show and bought five very highly overpriced vending machines. We barely survived that mistake financially but learned from our mistakes and eventually grew a large profitable company. Please listen to this small nugget of wisdom from our bad experience. Most successful vendors started buy purchasing an established route, or built their business up one machine at a time. It's the old learn to walk before you run. Either take over an established route (if you can afford it) and learn from an experienced veteran or learn slowly from the ground up as you build your route one machine at a time.

Most people who get started with a slick "vending package" overpay for their equipment and are in for a rude awakening. Get started out right. Keep your money in your pocket and walk away from most vending packages. Build your route vending business smart.

Route Vending Business

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