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( Now you see them, now you don't )

I am often emailed and ask to recommend vending locators. I really can't!

In all the years we worked full time in vending, and all the vending conventions we attended we never met a single successful vendor who was happy with ANY vending locator.

They seem magical. They take your money and then they magically dissappear!

It seems that the great majority of the vending locator companies are not all that ethical. They pay their transient salespeople very poorly and they work on a commission basis. These locators usually just about anything to convince a location to place a machine. We have even heard stories of vending locators paying a secretary $5 and saying that it's okay to kick the vendor out in 31 days. You become the unsuspecting victim of these unethical salespeople.

So when asked to suggest a vending locator I think I'll pass.

Being able to locate machines is one of the most important parts of building a successful vending business. Learn to do it yourself. Once you start you'll realize it really isn't as hard as you thought.

Would you start a dance studio without learning how to dance?

Vending Locators

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