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( Do you offer any healthy snacks? )

Healthy Vending Machines? While filling our vending machines I would occasionally get asked by a customer at a location to include some healthier snacks. We would use granola bars, sesame snaps, and unsalted peanuts and even tried protein bars.

Unfortunately, healthier snacks cost more than traditional bars and chips and required we put a premium price on them. We always let the locations customers decide what went in our machines and let them vote with their wallet. Although locations would ask for healthier snacks we inevitably sold a greater percentage of traditional chips and bars. Usually to the point where we would only have 1-2 healthy items in a 48 selection snack machine. And those items were still the poorest seller. We were in the vending business to make money and therefore stocked products that sold.

Healthy Vending Machines?
I'm sure we'll see more healthy food selections in vending machines when the population starts to choose them over chocolate and chips as an impulse buy.

Healthy Vending Machines

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