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New vending machines? Most locations have no idea whether a machine is brand new or just refurbished.

The only person who knows and cares whether a machine is brand new of not is the vendor, and the banks loans officer. Obviously, the more you pay for a machine the longer it takes to be profitable. Refurbished machines can offer significant savings. Our philosophy was that we would only buy new machines for proven, established high volume locations. We always put in used machinery to test a locations volume. If the location proved to be very profitable we would consider buying new machines (to keep the location happy) and take the older machines out and find a new location for them.

Most new operators make the mistake of purchasing expensive new machines before they know what the revenue of a location will be. And, if someone tells you they can predict locations revenue, they are lying to you!

Did we buy new vending machines, yes. But it's not a good way to start.

New Vending Machines

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