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Topic: Vending Problems

( No problems, only complaints and solutions )

While growing our vending business we encountered all kinds of vending problems. From the customers who found out that washer and stir sticks allowed them to steal product from out mechanical machines to the lady who got mad at me because she dropped her vended coffee 6 feet away from the machine.

Most problems can easily be fixed.

But be warned, most people don't call to thank you for a great chocolate bar, and with today's work environment becoming more and more stressful many customers liked to vent some of their pent up stress on the vending guy.

Over the years Patti and I learned to not take it personally. We would address every problem as it came up. Try to correct it in the shortest possible time, and occasionally use the phrase, "No Speak English". Of course, the same irate customer would get confused when they saw us conversing with another customer in the location one week later.

There are daily problems when running your business. But that is true of any legitimate business. At a certain point the rewards outweigh the aggravation.

Vending Problems

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