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( What matters is on the inside )

There are many types of snack vending machines.

Over the years of building and refining our vending operation we had hundreds of snack machines. They ranged from the table top mechanical 5-9-11 type to very large 6 shelf multi-price electronic machines.

Once we started tracking the sales for each row our profits soared. On many locations we would have rows filled with the same product if that's what that location was buying. Anytime we walked into a location and a product was sold out we would fill it back up and change a slow selling row to that same product.

We are still amazed by how many vending owners don't track their sales. They walk in and see that 3 rows are empty of product, but can't remember what the sold out product was so the put in whatever is closest in the back of their van. They simply fill the rows with the same product in all locations. They are losing money.

When getting into snack vending it's important to offer a selection, and then let the location tell you with their wallet what they want more of.

Buying overpriced snack vending machines can be fatal to the new vendor. I have seen unknowing new vendors pay more for a 9 selection mechanical snack machine than the price for a large refurbished 5 shelf electronic unit because they bought it from a slick vending seminar as part of a "vending package".

Snack Vending Machine

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