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( You scream, I scream, we all scream for caffeine! )

We loved, and hated, coffee vending machines.

Coffee vending machines were added to our established route and were extremely surprised at the profit markups we obtain. However, coffee vending machines require patience and major upkeep. Coffee vending machines need to be constantly checked for water temperature, throw amount, whiteners and sugar, water filters need to be replaced, parts need to be cleaned, and you need to test vend to make sure you catch a problem before your customer does.

Beware that no 2 customers at any location will ever agree on the exact strength or type of coffee you should use. Try to please as many as possible, offer a wide selection, and stay on top of the maintenance. Just keep thinking of the markup on each cup!

We turned our coffee vending machines into a very profitable area of our vending operation, but we did need to stay on top of it. These machines need to be checked constantly. e

Coffee Vending Machines

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