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Topic: New Technology Vending Machines

( Mr. Gates! here's your vending machine )

New technology in vending machines is amazing.

There are now vending machines that allow you to download statistics on purchase and inventory without opening the machine. There are new machines that will allow customers to use debit and visa cards. There are new machines that can be hooked to the internet to inform the customer of any problems and product levels. Future technologies will include flash frozen machines and more smart features. I wonder what will happen to the 25cent turn vendor when cash is eliminated from our society (That's what the banks are working on).

Beware: before you spend too much money on a new vending machine I suggest you wait until the bugs are ironed out and the technology catches on. Don't get caught like the people who bought Beta vcr's. Technology will simplify our businesses in the future and the changes are being tested already.

I enjoy trying to anticipate what the will be showing at the next vending convention in terms of the new technology vending machines.

New Technology Vending Machines

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