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Used vending machines for sale!

Trying to sell a vending machine can be disappointing. Unfortunately, many vending machines are purchased by new vendors who attend a hyped up business opportunity seminar. This glossy presentation ends up with new operators paying far too much for their vending machines. This leads to an large inventory of machines sitting in basements and garages. When these vendors try to recover their costs they find they can only get a small percentage of their initial investment back.

The smartest (and hardest) suggestion would be to place these machines on locations. A machine by itself is not of any real value (unless an operated has a location and needs a specific type of vending machine immediately). However, a vending machine on a location has value and is much more saleable.

If you are trying to sell a used vending machine consider try to place it first, it will be of more value to the buyer.

Used Vending Machines For Sale

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