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Espresso vending machines? When we first expanded into the coffee vending machine business we had an already established route of snack and soda/beverage machines. It only made sense to add coffee to some of our locations.

The best part of the coffee vending machine business is the markup on the product. We made the most profit on coffee over all the various types of vending we did. The downside of the coffee vending machine business is that these automated machines require constant, detailed maintenance and cleaning. More recently the bizop guys seem to be flogging espresso vending machines. My opinion is that these would be a good add on to an established account.

If your regular coffee machine is doing a great volume why not try adding espresso. However, to start out with nothing but espresso vending machines would seem to me to be an uphill battle. And imagine having to deal with the occasional customer complaint from a location that's drinking too much espresso.

Espresso Vending Machines

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