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Topic: Business Opportunity Vending

( "I've got some land in Florida for sale" )

Slick ads with beautiful girls and buckets of money entitled "Business Opportunity Vending". Don't get blinded by the hype. Some very savvy sales people package inexpensive vending machines into a well designed seminar or videotape and sell you a "vending package" for much more money than it's worth.

That's how my wife and I started out. We had a large bank debt and little income. We eventually turned it around and made a nice living. The bizop salespeople are selling you a dream in exchange for your hard earned money. Get the facts; learn about the business before you buy ANY machines. I can't help but wonder how much better we would have done if we'd only known then what we know now! We certainly could have been MUCH more profitable much quicker.
Take a deep breath and learn the business and the facts before you spend money on something advertised as "Business Opportunity Vending".

Business Opportunity Vending

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