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Having a bottle vending machine on a good location can make for a terrific profit center. As our vending business matured we noticed our customers asking for more than just the regular canned cold drinks. Our customers wanted "healthier" choices such as bottled water, juices and sports drinks. It also became obvious the bottle vending machine allowed us to demand a higher price for larger sizes. The canned beverage price is familiar to the consumer, but they seemed willing to pay much more for the bigger sizes.

A recent study found that diet drinks are about to overtake traditional colas for the majority of the market share. Therefore, having a bottle vending machine allows you to change products to keep up with the demands of our maturing markets. But beware; the price of a brand new bottle vending machine might stun you. Although adding an 11 selection bottle vending machine to a proven account with high sales might make sense as to ROI. Buying a brand new bottle vending machine for a new account could put you in the poor house.

Luckily, there are ways to get newer bottle vending machines without mortgaging your house. It took us years to find out this trick and it ended up saving up tens of thousands of dollars.

Bottle Vending Machine

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