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Countertop vending machines have become very popular in the past 10 years. Whether they are mechanical 7-9-11 selection snack machines or coin shooters, or even soup dispensers. Most of these machines are marketed through "business opportunity" seminars or exhibitions were you are dazzled more by the profit potential than the actual machines. We owned quite a few mechanical counter top vending machines and they were profitable.

However, the mechanical vending machine does have a downside. It is easy to "scam" these machines since they don't offer the checks and balances of an electronic coin mechanism. We have found washers and swizzle sticks in the coin collection tray of these machines from obvious cheats. I read a promotional flyer for these machines that still makes me laugh. Inside it was the statement, "these machines don't require power and can keep selling even during a power outage." Okay, first, how many power outages does a location have a year, and second, who is going to buy a snack if all the lights are out!

Anyway, mechanical countertop vending machines can be an inexpensive way to start out a vending business as long as the price for them is relative to their quality (i.e., really cheap). Please don't buy a "vending package" that includes countertop vending machines, do some more reading and research first. Don't get scammed by the big bad bizop wolves.

Countertop Vending Machine

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