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What is a vending machines average sales?

Seems like a simple question. Unfortunately the answer isn't that simple.

To calculate profits you need to consider the following variables. What did the equipment cost? (that has to be paid for out of the income). What is the cost of the product? (It depends on where it is purchased from). What is the vend price? (This is usually negotiated between the location and vendor when the machine is put in). Are there and commissions payable on this machine? (Some locations will get up to 40% of the retail price in commissions). What are the taxes payable in your area? (Yep, you have to pay taxes on the income).

As for a range of income. We had cold drink machines that did $2 a day, and some that did $250. We had snack machines that did $14 per week and one that did $500 a day. It all depends on the location. And you never know what a location will do until you actually install a machine.
What is a vending machine average sales?
The answer is; depends on the location!

Vending Machine Average Sales

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