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( There's one born every minute... )

If you are thinking of attending a vending business seminar, or you've got your checkbook out after attending one, we totally understand.

Patti and I started out in our business after attending a very slick presentation. We obtained a bank loan and overwhelmed the loan officer with our enthusiasm from all the dollars dancing in our head after attending a vending business seminar. Now, years later, after learning the hard way and building a profitable vending business I realize just how much we didn't know. And how much more we should have asked before we bought 5 machines at extremely inflated prices.

Live and learn. Before you spend a whack of money on machines you might want to ask yourself if you are considering the business, or just being enamored with the dollar signs these presentations put in your head. Yes, you can make money in the vending business, we did. But beware, the people making the big money from that vending business seminar are the seminar people!

Vending Business Seminar

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