buying a vending machine route

Topic: Buying A Vending Machine Route

( Why build it if you can buy it? )

Buying an established vending machine route can be a fabulous way to get profitable quickly in vending. But there can be some major pitfalls if you aren't careful.

If you find established money making route being sold by an honest vendor who is looking to cash out, and you can buy it at less than one yearís net income, and the seller will hold some financing, Bingo! However, if you are buying an established route from someone with bad locations (or about to lose some) who paid too much for his machines and is barely breaking even, you are just buying their problem.

It is important to understand all the aspects of the vending business before you make an offer. Commission, maintenance, repairs, taxes, transportation, moving machines, upgrading machines and loss of locations from business closures, competition and moving must all be taken into account.

Buying a vending machine route at a great price is a terrific way to get right into the heart of the vending industry. You need to find out the real reason the vendor is selling.

Buying A Vending Machine Route

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