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Snack vending was very good to my wife and I.

We started with soda machines and eventually expanded into almost every area of vending possible.

Snack vending presented its own set of challenges. Each location we secured would have preferences in product different from our other locations.

We religiously tracked the sales for each product in each row and tried to find a mix that was right for each location. On some location we would have 3 - 5 rows filled with the same product if that's what that location was buying. Anytime we walked into a location and a product was sold out we would try double up on it.

It amazes me how many operators in the snack vending business don't track their sales. They walk in and see that 3 rows are empty of product, but they can't remember what was in those three rows so the put in whatever they have available. They simply fill the rows with the same product in all locations. Don't they realize the profit they are losing?

In snack vending it's important to offer a selection, and then let the location tell you with their wallet what they want more of.

Snack vending is very profitable if you don't overpay for machines, find good locations and track your locations preferences.

Snack Vending

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