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( Over packaged and overpriced )

Thinking of buying a 'vending package' to get you started in your new vending business?

That's exactly what we did all those years ago. We went to a business opportunity show and bought 5 highly overpriced vending machines. We survived and learned from our mistakes and eventually grew a large profitable company.

Take this small nugget of wisdom.
Most successful vendors start by purchasing an established route, or built their business up one machine at a time. It's the old learn to walk before you run. Either take over and established route (if you can afford it) and learn from a veteran or learn slowly while building. Most people who start out with a glossy "vending package" overpay for their equipment and are in for a rude awakening.

Get started out right. Learn the business before you purchase machines. Keep your money in your pocket and walk away from most vending packages.

Vending Package

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