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Vending with ice cream vending machines. This is a very specialized area of vending that can produce some great markups.

The first thing is to make sure you have some GREAT locations for ice cream vending machines. Then you need to joint venture and get machines from an ice cream distributor/manufacturer. In our area we had third party vending agreements available for ice cream vending machines. Obviously, you need to be able to keep the product cold in transport and in storage.

This would not be a great way to start a vending business, but if you have some locations that do high volumes, it would make a great add on later.

One more tip, make sure when you expand into ice cream vending you do so in sufficient numbers to justify the logistic of servicing and stocking your ice cream vending machines. You should have at least 8 good locations to start.

Ice Cream Vending Machine

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