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We got involved with honor boxes in a strange way.

We already had a vending route with snack/soda/coffee machines. Some of our snack machines were the small mechanical 11 selection type located in small offices. Some of these locations asked for more variety. Here was our problem. The location was too small to warrant a full size snack machine, but the small snack machines weren't serving our customers needs. We decided to make our own honor boxes and place them on top of the snack machines. We filled these honor boxes with a large assortment of alternative snacks. Wow! In our good locations the volume more than tripled. Unfortunately, in a few locations the theft was so high that we were forced to remove the machines. The cost of these honor boxes was basically zero (except for our time to make them). Over the next few years we would put one or two honor boxes into new smaller locations. Some turned out to be extremely profitable.

When your equipment cost is zero, and you find an honest location, you can't help but make money with honor boxes.

Honor Boxes

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