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The bulk vending business was very profitable for my wife and me. We started with soda/snack machines and eventually expanded into almost every area of vending possible.

Bulk vending presented its own set of challenges. Each location we secured would bring hope of a "jackpot" of quarters. We soon found that most locations did a little less than we predicted, (I guess that's like most things in life). We found a huge range of preferences for different products from location to location. We tracked the sales for each product and tried to find a mix that was right for each location. On some location we would have 3 of the 5 heads filled with the same product if that's what that location was buying. Anytime we walked into a location and a product was sold out we would double up on it. It amazes me how many operators in the bulk vending business don't track their sales. They simply fill up the same canisters with the same product in all locations. Most bulk vending business operators don't realize the money they are losing.

The bulk vending business can be lucrative if you don't overpay for machines, find good locations and track your locations preferences.

Bulk Vending Business

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