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Topic: Sandwich Vending Machine

( Hold the mayo )

We had sandwich vending machines in our vending biz.
In most cases we would place a few microwaves in the lunchroom and then install a sandwich vending machine.

In my opinion, these machines never made us money. They require a careful eye on the product expiry dates and the waste is higher than other types of vending. The selection of product was also limited in our area. Patti ended up making certain sandwiches because are selection was so limited (She wasn't really impressed with this task). So why did we use food and sandwich vending machine? Because most of our high volume locations demanded that we offer food and sandwich vending machine. It was a prerequisite for securing the location. We would make a huge profit on the high volume in the coffee/bottled water/snack/cold drink machines because of these locations. We always looked at the break even status (or slight loss) of sandwich vending machines as just a cost of doing business.

Without being able to provide food and sandwich vending machines to these locations we would never been able to obtain these high volume accounts.

Sandwich Vending Machine

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