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( Nothing up my sleeve.... )

Have you seen the ads for vending machines with 100% financing.
No Money Down Vending.
These offers popup from time to time.

If you look carefully at these deals you will see that you actually end up paying a fortune for the equipment. How quickly your new business becomes profitable is directly proportional to the debt you take on buying your first machines. If you lock yourself into a deal where you are overpaying, even with no money down up front, it will take you a long time to become profitable. And if your overhead is high you might not make it through some initial bad locations.

There are ways to purchased established vending routes with nothing down. And there is even a way we discovered to get free machines. But, if you are looking at buying brand new machines in a "vending package", I suggest you do some more research.

No money down financing can be an easy way to pay way TOO much for your first machines.

No Money Down Vending

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