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( Keep looking over your shoulder )

I receive a lot of emails from other vendors and readers of my book. I have received a few disturbing emails lately regarding coin shooters.

Some readers have heard rumblings that these machines are being looked at as gambling. Apparently the government might consider them "games of chance."

This has happened in a few areas to those plush doll cranes. For example, in some areas when a coin is placed in a crane the customer MUST win a prize. So much for the $5 prize for 50 cents! Now the vendor has to charge $1 and give away a 25 cent prize. Certain jurisdictions are looking at considering coin shooters in the same light. Imagine what would happen to any potential profit if the customer had to win every time.

If you are looking at getting involved in the coin shooter vending business I suggest you do some research to determine their pending status in your area.

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