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( Keep your eyes wide open! )

I loved coffee machine vending. I hated coffee machine vending.

We added coffee machines to our route and were extremely happy at the profit markups we obtain. That being said, coffee machine vending requires patience and an eye for detail. These machines require constant upkeep and maintenance, water filters need to be replaced, parts need to be cleaned, and you need to test vend to make sure you catch a problem before your customer does. Hell hath no fury like a vending customer who gets grounds in their cup, or their coffee has no sugar in it, or it ran out of cups and the customer watched as their coffee poured into the waste tray.

We made coffee machine vending into a very profitable venture in our operation, but we did need to stay on top of it. These machines need to be check at least every 2 days. coffee vending

Coffee Machine Vending

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