running a vending business

Topic: Running A Vending Business

( What do you mean I didn't lock the machine? )

Running a vending business requires a few simple business skills.

- You must deal with people well.
- You must be organized.
- You must have a grasp on your finances.
- But most importantly, you must be able to see the long term business.

Nobody will ever call you up and thank you for that terrific Kit Kat bar. When running a vending business the only time you get a call is when there is a problem. If you internalize things it begins to feel like everyone is against you. Also, realize that the larger you company grows the more of those negative phone calls you will receive. True business people realize that this is true in ANY type of business.

There are some great advantages to running a vending business. You never have to chase customers to pay their bill, no accounts receivables. And you can have some flexibility with your schedule. But to be profitable you must be professional and treat your business like a business.

After a little while you can enjoy some terrific rewards for building and running a vending business. We did!

Running A Vending Business

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