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( Can you pick them out of a lineup? )

I am often asked to suggest vending machine locators.

In all many years we ran our business we never met ONE successful vendor who was happy with ANY vending machine locator. The great majority of the locators are pathetic. I keep getting emails from new vendors who are suing their vending machine locator. These "vending placement experts" will say almost anything to convince a location to put a machine in (so they can make a commission). Is that the type of introduction to your business you want you new location to have. Locating machines yourself is the most important parts of building your new business.

Do it yourself. Once you actually start you'll realize it isn't all that painful. If you can locate machines yourself, you will be very successful in the vending business. Don't waste your time and hard earned money on vending machine locators!

Ask yourself, "Would you start a lawn care business without learning how to start a lawnmower?

Vending Machine Locators

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