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( I'll have the combo platter )

We have seen a lot of soda snack vending machines sold through slick videotapes and hyped vending business seminars.

We have bought a few of these type of machines used from dejected new vending business owners. It seems that they fell for the "pie in the sky" promises and things like "guaranteed locations" and paid FAR TOO MUCH for these units. We picked them up for pennies on the dollars.

When I find what these people paid for these soda snack vending machines it's criminal.

You can make a decent income by placing these combo units in various businesses, but you must also be prepared that if a location "grows" you will need to upgrade the equipment. We used our used soda snack vending machines to test newer small locations.

A reliable soda snack vending machine can be a good profit center, but the deciding fact to your profitability is the price you pay for the unit.

Soda Snack Vending Machine

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