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What is the proper price for vending machines? Well, in my opinion, it all depends.

After spending way too much for the first vending machines we bought, and then eventually learning how to get some machines for free, I would say vending machine pricing is based on perception. For example, a person who goes to a vending business opportunity seminar and pays $5,000 for a mechanical machine that ends up sitting in their garage. This person might be willing to sell that machine for pennies just to end the constant reminder of getting into something without finding out ALL the facts. An old Coke machine on a location that has 300 thirsty customers a day is worth thousands of dollars. A vending operator who has a terrific location but needs a snack machine TODAY will pay a premium for it. A brand new 11 selection, bottle, can, juice machine sitting in a warehouse is worth very little if it has no revenue.

Just my opinion. But the price for vending machines depends on their application. The machine by itself is worthless!

Price For Vending Machine

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