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( Look, there goes one now! )

Location, location, location! These are the 3 most important words in the real estate business.

Locating, Locating, Locating, these are the most important part of any vending business.

The machine is worth nothing if it's sitting in your garage.

How to get vending machine locations? It's simple, but not easy. Unfortunately, most new vendors believe that hiring a locating company is best. WRONG!! My email inbox is full of people who are disappointed, mad, depressed and in the middle of lawsuits because of their "locating company".

Talking to people is how you get your vending machine locations. There are a few opening lines and some little tricks that help, but basically it's just a matter of getting a lot of "no's", a few "maybes" to get a few "yes". Most locating companies pay their employees very poorly. Why, because it's not brain surgery. It's just a matter of putting your company out there. Telling people what you can do for them. Hitting the pavement and telling locations the benefits of your service.

How do you find vending machine locations?
Go out and ask for them!

Vending Machine Locations

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